Smart eCommerce Faceted Search for your web store front

Search is a critical piece of ecommerce store conversions and getting it right is not just important but could make or break your store. Customers shop for various products or services with different types of attributes in mind and need to slice and dice the results to see what is available and within their price point for a given customer segment.

Different segments of shoppers may need different faceted search experiences

While a lot of effort goes into segmenting your website audience and traffic for ecommerce experiences, little to no attention is generally paid to providing unique faceted search experiences to those segments. What may be a unique conversion factor for one specific segment may not be applicable or less relevant to another segment. For example, pricing ranges need to be varied based on customer segments. The eCommerce store pricing ranges are a differentiation factor between mid-market and upscale customers in most websites. The facet values need to be different in range values ($0-$50 or $0-$100 or $0-$200) for these segments. And the same could also be done for budget customers who are looking for a bargain and want to filter by specials. SearchBlox lets you create different facet value ranges on the fly for different audience segments and benefit from unique customized search experiences.

A/B Testing facet filters, labels and range values

Faceted search requires facets to be setup and maintained on the search page along with the required backend data for different products. A/B testing the facet filters and range values for better conversions and aligning them for the best user experience in terms of sales funnel conversions will yield significant results. With SearchBlox we encourage our customers to setup faceted search pages for A/B testing for the best conversions. User experience testing and A/B tests will reveal what converts best for different types of facet filters and audience segments.

Less is More

While a lot of websites show many facet filters for every product, research and continuos optimization of the most relevant ones for your customer is the key to faster conversions. There is no limit to the amount of facet filters you can add and display but from a user experience standpoint too many choices at times will hurt your conversion rather than help them move through the sales funnel faster. The most important facet filters can be found by correlating search page heat maps and the backend request logs. If there are facet filters that don’t get any clicks for filtering, it maybe worthwhile to revisit the necessity of having them displayed or even populating the filters without the user asking for them.

Got a product feed? Want to see how SearchBlox can provide a better converting faceted search experience? Contact us to see what we can do for you.