AWS BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

Set up SearchBlox collections to crawl and index your website, file drives, databases or any other content in 5 minutes or less. And, update your search box to use SearchBlox’s XML, JSON or HTML-based search results.

No Install

Nothing to install. Simply start the AWS AMI and access SearchBlox to start.


Type in your website URLs and index. On-demand, scheduled and secure crawling options.


Simple, advanced or faceted search. Customize and brand your search pages.


Real-time search query analysis and click-through data for optimization.

SearchBlox offers the best cloud search solution

SearchBlox offers the most flexible search software for your organization. No more black-box appliance-based search solutions, or non-supported/custom open source solutions. Fast, flexible and, above all, very simple to install, administer and support. With built-in connectors for indexing websites, databases, file systems, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Twitter, CSV or MongoDB, there are no additional costs for connectors. We invite you to watch our demo and try SearchBlox on AWS to see for yourself.

Why Choose Us?

  • 75+ built-in data connectors.
  • Robust API for indexing and search.
  • Secure crawling and search.
  • Highly scalable cloud search.

Launch SearchBlox on AWS EC2

Launch the SearchBlox AMI on the Amazon EC2 c5.xlarge instance with Port 80 open for access.

AWS Cloud Search Launch

Go to http://{AWSDomainName}/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: Temporary password displayed on screen

Migrate your search to SearchBlox within days!

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