Big Data Search

Variety and speed powered by SearchBlox. Value powered by visualizations.

Connecting 75+ data sources to drive the required business value can be challenging. SearchBlox can help.

Big Data

Searching across large volumes of content in milliseconds is key to enabling access to the value hidden in big data. SearchBlox is a proven leader in indexing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. By scaling vertically and horizontally, SearchBlox handles big data without having to re-architect the infrastructure.


SearchBlox is engineered from the ground-up with the ability to achieve high speeds for indexing and searching through a high scalable, high concurrency architecture. New content and data can be indexed and searched in real time, and on multiple servers, enabling value for your business users.


Accommodate any type of structured or unstructured data for indexing both on an on-demand and scheduled basis with SearchBlox’s wide array of collection types. Index Web, social, email, database, file system, Cloud and custom-generated content on the fly, and search with zero wait times. A variety of formats can also be indexed using the same architecture, enabling you to search across your knowledge repositories and unlock the silos.


Index and present the most up-to-date and accurate information for your business analysis and insights. SearchBlox provides accurate reporting on all types of formats, terms, queries and content clickstreams, and offers features to give you the highest level of confidence when navigating your organization’s content through search.


The key component of the SearchBlox design and big data architecture is flexibility. SearchBlox lets you totally customize the usage of your big data search application, and gives you variability to accommodate your current and changing requirements so you are not stuck with just one way of searching your data.


SearchBlox enables deep analysis for your content and data through real-time visualizations of the information indexed, including faceted and clustered searching and histograms. Visualization of the same information in multiple ways allows your organization to gain different perspectives through the search and discovery process.


Perhaps most importantly, SearchBlox unlocks the hidden value in your structured and unstructured content giving you the highest ROI for your business’s big data search.

SearchBlox can access your Hadoop data for text analytics.

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