Database Search

Faceted Search for MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Databases

Set up a database collection and expose your data through a faceted search interface for full text access.

MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Servers

– SearchBlox lets you connect to local and remote databases and enables fully searchable database records from any table that can be queried.
– Through SearchBlox’s integration with a free AngularJS plugin, records are automatically displayed in the user’s browser when the search result is clicked.

Single View

– Combine search results from multiple databases for a single view even when the database records are from different types of databases, like MySQL or Oracle.
– Combined database records can also be exported or used by external applications.

Multiple Indexes

Separate search indexes, called collections, can be established for different databases. A global search can also be conducted from all databases.

Fast Enterprise Deployment

Deploy SearchBlox to a large number of users very quickly — users only need a Web browser for access, eliminating the need for time-consuming installation of desktop software or database drivers.

Federated Search

SearchBlox provides a federated search of all indexed content, regardless of source. Index public content, cloud files, databases or product feeds for a single search.


SearchBlox enables the use of a simple SQL query to find the records for indexing, and no special knowledge is required for conversion into a faceted search with custom fields.

Real-time Process

– SearchBlox provides the ability to set up a job to continuously find new documents from the database.
– New database records can be added, and changed records can be updated or removed, through continuous processing.


Use specific keywords to set up email alerts for fresh content.

Access SQL/NoSQL data with full-text faceted search.

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