eCommerce Search

eCommerce Search that goes beyond finding products.

Your customers aren’t just searching for the right products or services. They’re searching for timely recommendations to make their buying decisions.

Geolocation Search

Geolocation-based searching enables you to implement searching for information like deals, classifieds, real estate or job listings near an address, zip code or landmark. Searching for information on a full-text basis near a location provides users with the ease of local search.

Time/Date-Based Search

SearchBlox provides the ability to search for information using specific date ranges or date histograms. Users can narrow down their searches to these specific time frames or days of the week to find exactly the type of event, deal or information they need.

Faceted Search

SearchBlox provides a faceted search results plugin that can help you get started very quickly. For example, if you are interested in creating different types of restaurant categories for your local search, you can create the custom meta tag for categories and set up a term facet within the plugin for display. SearchBlox provides term, date range and number range faceting without any schema, setup or configuration changes, and no schema or special coding is required to enable facets. Users are able to filter their search results through the category facets, which are created dynamically on any field that you choose, including custom meta fields.

Mobile Search

The search results available through the website can also be rendered on mobile devices through responsive design, and are compatible with Apple or Android apps. SearchBlox also provides xml or json output to be consumed by your internal or external apps.

Email/Text/Custom Alerts

SearchBlox offers the ability to set up email/text/custom alerts based on specific search criteria. When a new document or information is added, alerts can be sent to users in real time.

Multi-Location Support

SearchBlox provides the ability to index geo-tagged information that can be shared at multiple locations. Have a deal or coupon that needs to be presented in multiple restaurants, or classifieds that can be searched for in multiple localities? Simply create multi-location-based geo-coded information for indexing and start sharing.


The advanced real-time reporting in SearchBlox helps you understand what your users want. You can also gain valuable insights into search patterns within a specific timeframe, providing you with the ability to react to users’ needs quickly.

SearchBlox helps users discover your products.

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