Uncover Insights. Take Action.

So you conducted an employee feedback survey and got a great response. Great! Do you now find yourself drowning in comments, trying to uncover themes that will help you develop an action plan?

Let SearchBlox help you. With our expertise in analyzing unstructured data, we will take your survey feedback and help you make sense of it. We will extract and process the comments and create insightful visualizations by sentiment and theme, giving you the power to drill down based on employee demographics and roles.


SearchBlox will extract comments and demographic data for processing from whatever database you are using – Excel, SQL, and others.


SearchBlox will automatically process the comments from your surveys to uncover sentiments and trending themes.


Drill down-enabled visualizations provide insights to help you interact directly with your employees’ comments based on sentiments and themes.


SearchBlox can securely host your visualizations, or you can choose an on-premise installation. Continuous data loads are also available.

Contact Us to see how SearchBlox can help you understand what your employees want.

SearchBlox is the most efficient way to visualize employee comments.

To get started, contact us to securely send us your employee comments in an excel or csv file. We extract, process, load and visualize the comments for you. View the visualization to glean insights that will enable to you take action and create positive change for your employees.

Why Choose Us?

  • CSV/Excel to Visualization
  • Secure Hosting
  • Reusable visualizations for comparisons
  • Drill down capability
  • On-premise or on the cloud
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