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Stay on Top of Social Media Trends With Data Visualizations

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and gain insights into what they want. But how do you track live data in real time?

Let SearchBlox help. We are experts in analyzing unstructured data, giving you meaningful insights that will help your business succeed. With SearchBlox, it’s easy to create visualizations from live-streamed data, which will help you discover themes or trends, focus your results and strategize accordingly.



Set up a Twitter collection in SearchBlox to continuously collect data streams in real time.


SearchBlox will automatically process the text in the required manner to uncover themes  and emerging trends from your live Twitter stream.


As you look at the drill down-enabled visualizations, you can interact directly to discover insights within the text or data based on themes and trends.


SearchBlox will host your visualizations securely, or you can choose an on-premise installation. We also offer real-time data loads.

Fast, efficient social media data visualizations with SearchBlox.

Contact Us to learn more about enabling streaming analysis of any live-streamed data. Stay on top of trending topics on Twitter through social media data visualizations, and put those insights to work for your business.

Why Choose Us?

  • Live-streaming analysis in real time
  • Secure hosting
  • Reusable visualizations for comparisons
  • Drill down capability
  • On-premise or on the cloud
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