Streaming Analysis of Twitter keywords

Analyzing Twitter keywords from a real time stream of data is a challenging task for any organization. Most organizations are not setup to handle this challenge when a crisis or need emerges. Keywords can be setup within the SearchBlox Twitter Collection to get live data stream from Twitter. Once the collection is setup, data is continuously captured from Twitter.

Where you put Twitter access keys on SearchBlox

Once the keywords are setup within the collection for indexing of the live Twitter stream, you can use Kibana visualizations to create your own dashboard to view the popular hashtags and time series for the keywords. You also have the ability to drill down by specific users and/or locations.

Analyze your Twitter stream in real time.

Analyze your Twitter stream in real time.

Streaming analysis of Twitter plays a key role in brand marketing and marketing communication for any medium or large organization. This is also a key metric in social media based help desk management.

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