Streaming Analytics of Unstructured Data Sources

With the increasing availability of real time data from multiple unstructured data sources like emails, twitter, rss feeds and log data, the ability of software applications to load, extract and analyze in real time is a key requirement for organizations.

SearchBlox combines crawlers/connectors, extractors, processors and data analyzers in a single application to connect, extract, index and analyze/visualize the unstructured data in real time. Your analytics can now include unstructured and structured repositories for a single view of the data.

#1 Twitter Streaming Analytics

SearchBlox provides a Twitter connector to connect and receive real time tweet streams and visualize in real time. You can setup hashtags or keywords to stream the required tweets for analysis.

Streaming Analytics for Twitter

#2 RSS Streaming Analytics

News streams and blog post streams available as RSS feeds can be analyzed in real time to identify the key news trends and blog topics happening in real time.

Streaming News Trends

#3 Email Streaming Analytics

Emails can be streamed to SearchBlox and analyzed in real time to identify trends in customer support, marketing/sales and associate/employee communications. Attachments can be searched separately and analyzed for key indicators.

Streaming Email Analysis

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