Using Google Sitemap for your Website Search

While a sitemap makes it easier for the googlebot to discover urls and their priority for indexing your website for web search, the very same file can also be used for your website search. SearchBlox can use your sitemap.xml to determine what urls need to be indexed for your website or intranet search. The sitemap can help control what you want indexed versus hidden from your website search function.

SearchBlox can pull down the sitemap and also work in tandem with the robots.txt file to determine the right urls and paths that you want to allow or disallow for search. Both the sitemap and robots.txt settings can be enabled or disabled from the SearchBlox web admin console on a per collection basis. Additionally with the boosting feature you can boost the search terms found in the title versus body to ensure the most relevant search results are provided to your website or intranet users.

SearchBlox provides all the features required to setup faceted search on your website, intranet or extranet in an easy to use manner. Contact us to get started with a great faceted search experience for your customers, employees or users.