Using SearchBlox Over Solr on Amazon EC2

The implementation of Solr on Amazon EC2 is one way to add full-text indexing with the ability for near-real-time indexing for your applications. However, SearchBlox on Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Cloud Servers is a great alternative due to having no upfront investment in any hardware or customization or programming. Amazon EC2 and Rackspace provide on-demand computing power that can be combined with SearchBlox for a dedicated search infrastructure with ready to use search results.


Solr on Amazon EC2 does not offer the same scalability as SearchBlox. The use of SearchBox allows the user to scale both vertically and horizontally on the Amazon EC2 or Rackspace cloud platforms. Users can choose all types of cloud based services on the platform. This includes using Amazon Elastic Load Balancing that can be used to handing search traffic with multiple instances on Amazon EC2. SearchBlox’s distributed indexing and search capabilities also provide additional redundancy to offer you a totally fail proof search infrastructure.

SearchBlox has a replication feature that is able to duplicate search indexes on one instance of Amazon EC2 to a completely different instance or on another server including on a multi cloud deployment. A distributed search system provided by SearchBlox offers fail-proof setup.


Users have the option to use different types of instances with Amazon EC2 or Rackspace. Customers using SearchBlox will have a wider variety of server configurations that are available for system deployment. This means indexing and crawling operations that require more computing power for crunching data will benefit using higher CPU instances. However, standard instances offer the best option for search queries. The results are fast and search results will be available within 250 milliseconds or less in most cases for the standard user queries.


There are Amazon Machine Images that have been developed by SearchBlox as well as scripts for a semi-automatic or manual deployment. This means customers can use pay for what they use and the benefit is that users do not have to pay anything up front for software licenses up to 25,000 documents with the Free Edition. The use of SearchBlox as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will be an exceptional model for pay as you go services minimizing your investment upfront.

Users who choose to use SearchBlox for implementation will have more benefits than Solr on Amazon EC2 given that SearchBlox is ready to use with integrated crawlers and search results outputs. SearchBlox is the best search infrastructure for users who do not want to spend a lot of time and money for a search solution that is scalable and reliable.