SearchBlox can take your corpus of text and turn it into rich insights.


SearchBlox aggregates unstructured data from multiple sources including websites, social media, emails, product surveys, feedback responses and customer reviews, and provides it back to you in a unified actionable visualization.


SearchBlox can create word clouds, tree maps and analyze sentiment automatically to help you discover emotions, common themes and significant trends within your data. SearchBlox will pinpoint trends helping you meet your customers needs.


SearchBlox’s best-in-class text analysis process will help you find trends over time through visualization and deep-filtering technology. Actionable insights will help you formulate business strategies to act on trends and other relevant customer behavior.

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Our affordable text analytics solution will drive immediate ROI for your organization.

Voice of the Customer

Follow your customers’ product and service interactions in real time, and gain valuable insights into their opinions, reviews and ratings of your business. Text analytics lets you understand the why and how of your customers’ actions and behaviors.

Employee Feedback

Your employees are your greatest assets. Give them a platform to make their voices heard loud and clear through our text visualizations and employee insights. No more manual summaries and lost voices in the crowd. Employee feedback is fun again.

Brand Pulse

Are you able to check your brand messaging in real time? Do you stay on track and make the required course corrections in your marketing communications? SearchBlox can help you manage your brand.

Market Research

Stay ahead of the competition in gaining valuable insights on where your industry is headed using text analysis. Text comments within surveys can be analyzed to pinpoint market direction, and keep you out in front.

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