The Evolution from Enterprise Search to Cognitive Platform

Cognitive computing has arrived and it represents the most exciting phase of enterprise transformation we have seen in a very long time.

Cognitive software mimics human activities such as perceiving, inferring, gathering evidence, making hypotheses, and reasoning. And when combined with advanced automation, these systems can be trained to execute judgment-intensive tasks. With cognitive software at their side, generalists can behave like specialists, and less experienced employees can perform like seasoned veterans.

Cognitive capabilities are starting to play a significant role in industries as diverse as healthcare, software, financial services, and marketing. In a 2016 poll of APQC’s ( knowledge management audience, 9 percent of participants said their organizations are already using cognitive technology, with another 17 percent planning or seriously considering a cognitive application. This is the moment for organizations to start honing their strategies and preparing for the coming changes in how employees create, share, access and apply institutional knowledge.

The true power of the cognitive platform is much more than Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri — it is the cognitive platform’s ability to automatically surface insights learned through training and automatically action them without any human intervention. Imagine a platform that can email managers about an uncharacteristic increase in complaints about food quality to enable them to investigate and fix the problem before it turns into a major issue.

From Text to Actionable Insights

Enterprise search tools like SearchBlox are uniquely placed to embrace cognitive computing. Search tools already have the capability to traverse and process large volumes of both structured and unstructured data from a multitude of sources (files, applications etc.) By incorporating AI-driven cognitive models that embed domain knowledge into the processing of text, SearchBlox is beginning to evolve into an enterprise-ready cognitive platform.

With the upcoming SearchBlox version 8.6, SearchBlox adds a whole new dimension to how it processes data in real time. SearchBlox can already automatically detect and markup entities like products, places, locations, and organizations and can also determine the sentiment of the content as it is being processed. The new version will enable the deployment of custom NLP (Natural Language Processing), cognitive models, to process text data in real time and make decisions. These custom NLP cognitive models are trained using neural networks on sample text data and can, therefore, embed knowledge in the model that produces results far superior to any rules-based platform.

The key benefit is that it will now possible to efficiently automate processes that require decisions based on text content. For example, complaints management can be automated to detect complaints that are more likely to result in monetary compensation to customers by building a cognitive model that learns from previous complaints. By pro-actively tracking these “high-risk” complaints, any sudden increases in these complaints can be immediately escalated so that the root causes can be identified and fixed. The result — an overall reduction in the number of complaints.

If you like to learn more on how SearchBlox Cognitive Platform can help transform your business, please drop us a line.