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How data is stored in Elasticsearch with SearchBlox Encryption.

As many as 360,000 customers of Aurora Water in Colorado and another 360,000 teachers employed by the province of Quebec are just some of the victims of government data breaches so far this year. In fact, 16% of data breaches occur in the public sector.

We simplify search for federal, state, city and local governments. Our Data Privacy Module allows you to encrypt and search sensitive citizen data with AES-256 encryption. Every user can search the data, but only privileged users can see the sensitive information.

Protect your citizens’ data with a solution that meets the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). You control who can access your data through integration with existing security authentication and authorization systems.

A data solution that meets NIST standards.

Every user can search the encrypted data.

Only authorized users can view all of the data.

Protect the public’s private information.

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