Migration checklist for Google Mini to SearchBlox

As many customers have run out of support for their Google Mini, it is important to follow the path to seamless switchover. SearchBlox offers an easy path to cutover without skipping a beat.

Here are the key steps required to transition from the Google Mini search appliance to SearchBlox.

#1 Setup your HTTP collection(s) on SearchBlox to index the website(s)

– Copy your root urls or starting urls from Google Mini for indexing the website into SearchBlox HTTP collection Root URL settings.
– Setup your allowable paths or allow domains. Example: Enter e0d.32f.myftpupload.com in the Allow Paths if that is the only website you want the crawler to stay within.
– Setup your Disallow Paths and the Formats that you need the crawler to index.
– Save and Click Index to start the crawling.

#2 XML/HTML (or JSON) output for your search results

– If you use XML results from Google Mini to show your search results within your website. It is as simple as adding a parameter to get the same xml output. Here are some examples to get your search results:

To get all results from all collections (or pass the search term through the query parameter)


To get JSON based results


To get XML based results


To get all results from a specific collection or collections



If you want to use our faceted search page, please go to http://localhost:8080/searchblox/plugin/index.html in your installation and edit the branding under /searchblox/plugin folder within the installation to suit your branding needs. Optionally use our AngularJS based search framework if you want to utilize a faceted search frontend with advanced faceted search customization requirements.

GSA to SearchBlox Migration

#3 Setup your KeyMatch as Featured Results on SearchBlox

– Setup your Featured Results in SearchBlox similar to what KeyMatch does with Google Mini. With Featured Results, you have many more capabilities to simplify your administration including allowing business users to enter and manage the the KeyMatch like results.

#4 Reports can be accessed by business users in SearchBlox

– Add your business users to SearchBlox to access the SearchBlox admin console and view/export search query reports and document clicked reports.
– Providing access to the business users is a key step in enabling self service reporting and Featured Results administration within SearchBlox.

Contact us for assistance to migrate your Google Mini Search Appliance to SearchBlox Server. Leverage our expertise to make this migration seamless to your organization without skipping a beat.