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Get the right answer — faster — via search, chat or voice.

Your customers and employees don’t want to wade through pages of search results to find the right answer. SearchAI Answers responds to natural language queries on the search results page, in a chatbot and via voice assistant.
SearchAI Answers understands natural language and provides a direct answer using a model we create with your content.

Reduce customer service costs and increase first contact resolution.

Improve your user experience with artificial intelligence that responds to natural language questions wherever they’re asked: in search, via chat or voice.

Save time and effort — Search AI Answers doesn’t require manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy or knowledge graphs.

Provide a better user experience.

Help them find what they need faster.

SearchAI Answers works with your existing search setup. All you need to do is integrate your search with our API endpoint and add a box on your results page to display the answers.

Timo Selvaraj, VP of Product Management, SearchBlox

SearchAI Answers Pricing

SearchAI Answers provides natural language answers to natural language questions. And it does so without manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy or knowledge graphs.

SearchAI Answers
Standard License

$60000 per year

  • 100000 URLs/Docs for Answers
  • Chatbot Capabilities
  • Integration Support
  • Email Support
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • MLOps
  • Voice Integration Support
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