Risk-Free Migration of Google Search Appliance

With the deadline for the discontinued Google Search Appliance looming on many organizations, SearchBlox has provided a road-map and process for the migration and has till date migrated more than 100 organizations to the SearchBlox platform successfully and made the switch-over risk free. SearchBlox’s out of the box approach to connecting and searching across 75+ data sources in a secure manner has allowed IT Departments to show value and ROI to the business without failure or coming up short on the features. SearchBlox has not only made it easy to migrate over the features but also provide the value-add in new feature sets and improved business processes. The SearchBlox user interface lets you provide the same basic and advanced search capabilities for a fraction of the time involved in setting up the original GSA’s search interface or configuration. Faceted Search is also available for out of the box implementation with a custom branded interface.

Our migration process involves reviewing your existing Google Search Appliance and setting up the SearchBlox platform for faster and easier migration including matching your existing user interface with our XSL and JSON/XML jQuery/AngularJS plugins. SearchBlox can process the documents for translation, OCR, sentiment, entity extraction and previews allowing you to combine multiple products into a single platform allowing you to save time and costs. The visualization interface allows you to view the list of documents or provide dashboards of visualizations for text, data and content analytics.

SearchBlox also provides the ability to use a Google Site Map and follows the standard Robots protocols for crawling and content parsing. In addition to documents or web content, structured data from SQL NoSQL and API data sources can be made part of your search results. Security using AD/LDAP and Okta is available out of the box for secure searching.

SearchBlox provides a 30-day risk-free trial license with support to evaluate against your existing Google Search Appliance so the business users can validate the solution before you make your choice. With SearchBlox having migrated more than 100+ GSA customers, we are confident you will pick SearchBlox as your replacement for your Google Search Appliance once you evaluate our platform on-premise or on the cloud. SearchBlox is available for download or on the Amazon Web services or Azure Cloud.

Download the Google Search Appliance to SearchBlox Migration WhitePaper to get started!