Cloud Search

Hybrid, private or public cloud-based search that scales with you.

No matter where your data lives, we can help you implement a cloud search solution. Deployed on Amazon, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and Redhat OpenShift.


SearchBlox makes it easy to crawl any website, database or AWS S3 bucket from the Amazon Cloud. Index your content from S3 buckets just like any other filesystem. If you have simple Web hosting enabled on your S3 bucket, then SearchBlox results can be served as results directly from AWS.


Ready-to-use templates are available to use with your website, application or intranet, and SearchBlox’s faceted search page can be embedded in any website or application to stay in line with your brand. Results are also available in html, json and xml for integration.


SearchBlox gives you the flexibility to create separate collections to match website content. Search can be done just on one collection, or across all collections on the Cloud.

Fast Deployment

As SearchBlox is fully Web-based and ready to use on the AWS platform, there are no delays in scaling your search infrastructure as your traffic scales. Just choose our AMI and launch.

Unified Search

Regardless of where your content was indexed, SearchBlox provides a unified search and a true federated search experience to your users.

Document Highlighting

SearchBlox automatically highlights the user’s search query terms in HTML and PDF documents. Finding content is always a challenge, and document highlighting enables users to find what they are looking for fast.

Indexing API

The SearchBlox API allows for integration with external systems such as a CRM, document management, knowledge management or case management system. The API allows documents to be indexed with enriched metadata.

Launch your Cloud Search in minutes.

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