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The Role of Search in Digital Transformation

The Role of Search in Digital Transformation

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An AI-driven search experience empowers you to connect your data.

People use the phrase “digital transformation” to cover all sorts of progressive corporate behaviors, but what it comes down to is being more efficient, data driven and nimble. That kind of transformation isn’t possible unless you enable content access and dismantle information silos in the process. In other words, digital transformation starts with helping your employees connect the data.

Here’s an analogy we find helpful: do you remember learning about Pointilism in school? This revolutionary painting technique involved applying paint in carefully placed dots of pure, unmixed color. Close up, all you see is those dots. But when you stand back, the individual dots blend to create a bigger picture.

Your enterprise is data rich; you’ve got lots of data. But if your employees are standing too close to the “painting,” or if they’re only allowed to see part of it, they can’t see the big picture. They can’t connect the data. An AI-powered search experience let’s them take a step back.

Consider this: enterprise employees spend an average of 1.8 hours every day searching for the information and data they need to do their jobs. That’s 19% of their average workweek. It’s not only terribly inefficient, it’s a horrible employee experience. Your teams want the tools they use at work to be as intuitive and helpful as the ones they use in their personal lives. They expect answers that are:

  • Relevant like Google’s search engine results pages (SERP)
  • Insight-driven like Amazon’s recommendation engine
  • On-demand like Spotify’s personalized playlists

You can’t provide employees with this kind of insight by slapping a search box onto your intranet. You need an AI-driven search experience, the kind of experience offered by a product that can:

  • Protect sensitive information by allowing you to search encrypted data.
  • Respond to natural language questions wherever they’re asked: in search, via chat or voice.
  • Suggest search terms associated with keywords (instead of just listing terms that begin with a keyword)
  • Serve up niche results that are based on your content, not search logs.
  • Learn to provide better answers using implicit and explicit feedback.

SearchBlox products do all this and more.

Take the first step towards digital transformation by requesting a demo today. Or, if you’re eager to get started, contact us to get a fully-functional 30-day free trial that includes support, so you can test drive our products — and our people.

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