SearchBlox Version 8.4.1

To install SearchBlox, the minimum server requirement is 4 Core CPU and 8GB RAM. Ubuntu and CentOS/RedHat require OpenJDK 8 as default.


Download and double-click. Install Windows Service by running C:\SearchBlox Server\services\bat \installService.bat.  Start SearchBlox by running startService.bat.


Install Guide


Download SearchBlox to the /opt folder.
> gzip -d searchblox_unix64.tar.gz
> tar -xvf searchblox_unix64.tar
> cd /opt/searchblox
> ./startSearchBlox


Install Guide

Mac OS X

Download and double-click. SearchBlox requires Java 8. Double-click the startSearchBlox.command in /Applications/ SearchBloxServer folder to start.


Install Guide

Java WAR

Download the searchblox.war file and drop into the webapps folder on any Apache Tomcat installation running Java 8.


Install Guide

Go to http://localhost:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

VMWare SearchBlox Image
Import the SearchBlox Server VMWare image.


SearchBlox Docker Image

Run SearchBlox within Docker containers.

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SearchBlox Rackspace Cloud Image

Run SearchBlox Server on Rackspace.

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Microsoft Azure

Run SearchBlox Server on Microsoft Azure.

Learn More

Go to http://localhost/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Launch SearchBlox on AWS EC2

Launch the SearchBlox Server AMI on the Amazon EC2 c3.xlarge instance with Port 80 enabled.

US East N. Virginia ami-b6bdaddc
US West Oregon ami-2aa4534a
US West N. California ami-0ee09c6e
EU West Ireland ami-0e37b47d
EU Frankfurt ami-2193734e
Asia Seoul ami-e9c30b87
Asia Singapore ami-ab3aefc8
Asia Sydney ami-e4052787
Asia Tokyo ami-7a3a2814
South America São Paulo ami-10ee607c


Go to http://AWSDomainName/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Once SearchBlox is started, go to the SearchBlox Wiki  for step-by-step instructions on configuring your collections.

WordPress Plugin

Install and configure the SearchBlox plugin within WordPress.

Drupal Module

Install and configure the SearchBlox module within Drupal. Follow our tutorial to get started.

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