AngularJS faceted search with SearchBlox

Faceted Search UI/screen customization including the ability to add new facets or modify filters/values is always a challenge for enterprise search implementors. SearchBlox has released a new angularJS based faceted search package that makes it dead simple to create/modify facets/filters and modify the search UI. With the new angularJS implementation, it is no longer required to write code for terms, number range or date range facets but they only need to be specified in a facet.json file for the angularJS UI to use them on the fly. The new package can be downloaded from github and can be customized according your faceted search requirements.

The facet.json file has the following structure which can be updated to suit your specific requirements:


{"field": "contenttype", "display": "Content Type","size":"10"},
{"field": "keywords", "display": "Keywords","size":"10"},
{"field": "colname","display": "Collection","size":"10"},
{"field": "size","display":"Size",
{"name":"< 100kB","from":"*","to":"102400"},
{"name":"100kB to 500kB","from":"102400","to":"512000"},
{"name":"500kB to 1MB","from":"512000","to":"1048576"},
{"name":"1MB to 10MB","from":"1048576","to":"10485760"},
{"name":"10MB >","from":"10485760","to":"*"}
{"field": "lastmodified","display":"Modified Date",
{"name":"Last 24 hours","calendar":"days","value":"1"},
{"name":"Past Week","calendar":"days","value":"7"},
{"name":"Past Month","calendar":"months","value":"1"},
{"name":"Past Year","calendar":"years","value":"1"}
"collection":[ ],
"pageSize": "10",
"showAutoSuggest": "true"

SearchBlox needs to be installed prior to using the angularJS package. Please download and provide your feedback on how we can improve this package for use with SearchBlox. Contact us to learn more about SearchBlox and what faceted search can do for you!