The Evolution of SearchBlox

In 2003, SearchBlox was created to offer customers a commercial search option that is simple to install, easy to manage and affordable. Since then, it has evolved to become a leading enterprise search solution for hundreds of customers around the world.

Oct 2018 SearchBlox V8.6.9 released

  • Support for Google On and Off tags for content exclusion
  • Dynamic Form Authentication Support for Web Crawler
  • Semantic UI Theme for Faceted Search Plugin
  • Pagination Support for large number Collections
  • Featured Results Enhancements
  • AutoSuggest Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements


August 2018 SearchBlox V8.6.8 released

  • Popular Search Queries
  • Related Search Query Suggestions
  • Admin Security SSO Integration
  • API Enhancements
  • Featured Results Enhancements
  • AutoSuggest Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements


June 2018 SearchBlox V8.6.7 released

  • PDF file Title Extraction Enhancements
  • Featured Results Search Enhancements
  • Security Fixes
  • API Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements


April 2018 SearchBlox V8.6.6 released

  • Relevance Tuning
  • Filter Featured Results by Collection
  • User Roles and Security Enhancements
  • OneSource Federated Search
  • API Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements


Feb 2017 SearchBlox V8.6 released

  • Use Admin console to setup your SearchBlox cluster
  • Access data from collections using SQL
  • Export data as CSV
  • Upgrade to Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Improved relevance of search results for enterprise search
  • Performance Improvements


Sept 2016 SearchBlox V8.5 released

  • Stanford NLP and Basis Technology as options for Text Analytics
  • New connectors for Microsoft Exchange, YouTube, ServiceNow, Quandl, Twilio, Office 365, Solr, Elasticsearch, HBase and Magento.
  • Secure Search integration with Active Directory and Okta for collection/document level security
  • Upgrade to Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Upload xsl file and plugin zip files for search results customization
  • Improved API Explorer


Feb 2016 SearchBlox V8.4 released

  • Sentiment Analysis and Entity Extraction for Text Analytics
  • 35 new Data Sources through Database collection including Salesforce, MS Exchange, Google Apps and Hadoop
  • HTTP API for programmatic control of the web crawler for indexing websites
  • Faster speed for crawling of websites
  • Improved manageability of large volumes of collections for federated search with lower memory footprint


Sept 2015 SearchBlox V8.3 released

  • Text Analytics and Visualizations to create, share and embed
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search text within images
  • Fast Web Collection and Fast File Collection for indexing large volumes of documents and websites
  • Indexing EML, MSG and Microsoft Exchange Server in real-time
  • Support for searching compressed formats like zip and tar files
  • Featured Results enhancements


Mar 2015 SearchBlox V8.2 released

  • Advanced Integration Module for indexing connect from Alfresco, CMIS Servers, Documentum, Dropbox, Email, FileNet, GridFS, Hadoop File System, Jira, Meridio, Sharepoint and Wiki
  • JSON Indexing API
  • Negative facet filtering for drill down of search results
  • Java 8 Support with Server download
  • Support for large volume indexing


Sept 2014 SearchBlox V8.1 released

  • New Collection Types – Amazon S3, Google Drive
  • Import/Export SearchBlox config for setting up collections
  • Zip and Download of file system files after a search query
  • Support for More Like This search query on a single url/document
  • Support for Robots Meta Tag on html pages (noindex/nofollow)


April 2014 SearchBlox V8.0 released

  • New Collection Types – CSV, Twitter, MongoDB
  • Re-designed Admin UI for 1-click activity
  • Enhanced Search Analytics including Content Cloud
  • Business user access to the Admin console
  • Security Integration with Apache Shiro


April 2013 SearchBlox V7.4 released

  • Keyword Alert functionality for new documents/content
  • Content tag cloud in faceted search page
  • Top viewed/clicked documents report in faceted search page and Reports dashboard


Jan 2013 SearchBlox V7.3 released

  • Support for mapping synonyms for each collection
  • API support for Add/Delete for Custom Collections
  • Support for crawling Google sitemap in HTTP Collections


Oct 2012 SearchBlox V7.2 released

  • Support for indexing databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Auto Suggest with support for phrases
  • Reporting Enhancements


Aug 2012 SearchBlox V7.1 released

  • Support for Audio, Images, Video and additional document formats
  • Web Email Viewer to view/export email messages
  • Advanced Reporting on search queries through the admin console


Jun 2012 SearchBlox V7.0 released

  • Schema-less Faceted Search Results
  • Ability to run search server clusters with distributed indexing and automated index synchronization
  • 3X Performance Improvements


Mar 2011 SearchBlox V6.2 released

  • Indexing of emails and attachments from Outlook PST archive files
  • Upgrade to Lucene 3.0.3


Jan 2011 SearchBlox V6.1 released

  • Product made free!
  • New Support Options


Aug 2010 SearchBlox V6.0 released

  • Upgrade to Lucene 3.0.2


Jun 2009 SearchBlox V5.5 released

  • All HTML META tags are indexed and searchable


Oct 2008 SearchBlox V5.1 released

  • Featured Results
  • 2X performance improvement


Apr 2008 SearchBlox V5 released

  • SearchBlox deployment on Amazon Web Services
  • Upgrade to Lucene 2.3.1
  • Search results caching


Aug 2007 SearchBlox V4.1 released

  • Support for clustered search results
  • Browser based editor to customize look & feel of search results


Mar 2007 SearchBlox V4.0 released

  • New redesigned AJAX-based SearchBlox Admin Console
  • Replication support for High Availability configuration
  • Highlighting of search terms in PDF and HTML documents


Sept 2006 SearchBlox V3.3 released

  • Upgrade to Lucene 2.0
  • Automatic Accent Removal
  • License Key Upload


Feb 2006 SearchBlox V3.2 released

  • Support for CSS-based look&feel
  • Support to handle duplicate documents during indexing
  • SearchBlox Server for Unix/Linux introduced


Dec 2005 SearchBlox V3.1 released

  • Support for JDK 1.5
  • Spelling Suggestions
  • REST-API to index custom content


Jul 2005 SearchBlox V3.0 released

  • Support for RSS and Atom Web Feeds
  • Automatic Generation of Browsable Categories using HTML and Feed Metadata


May 2005 SearchBlox Server for Mac OS X launched

  • Plug’N’Play Search Application for OS X


Apr 2005 SearchBlox V2.2 released

  • Support for 12 additional lanuages
  • Support for indexing content using Proxy Servers


Jan 2005 SearchBlox V2.1 released

  • Support for Disk-based and Memory-based index
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes


Oct 2004 SearchBlox Version 2.0 released

  • Keyword-in-Context support
  • Advanced search functionality


Jul 2004 SearchBlox Server launched

  • Plug’N’Play Search Application for Windows


May 2004 SearchBlox Version 1.3 released

  • HTTPS support for crawler
  • Form-Based Authentication support
  • Greek language support


Feb 2004 SearchBlox Version 1.2 released

  • Support for Russian & Polish languages added
  • PowerPoint format support


Dec 2003 SearchBlox Version 1.1 released

  • Support for Chinese, Japanese & Korean languages added


Sep 2003 SearchBlox Version 1.0 released

  • HTTP and File System Crawlers
  • 11 languages supported
  • HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, Excel, Word formats support
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