Custom Solr development vs. SearchBlox out of the box deployment

The question on why SearchBlox needs to be used instead of using a custom Solr installation comes up often with prospective customers as they compare enterprise search solutions for implementation. Business and IT teams have spent time implementing Solr and don’t realize the amount of time/cost it takes to fully implement a working faceted search solution using Solr till after the project is underway. While full customization of the faceted search engine is far easier in most solutions today, the cost of implementing and maintaining support is a variable factor that will help distinguish why SearchBlox offers the quickest way to implement and maintain a faceted search engine for your application or website needs.

Even if you assume a minimum of 3 weeks (or 120 hours) of work required to implement a custom Solr setup, that is a minimum of $9,000 assuming $75 per hour for a developer to install, configure Solr and implement the faceted search UI for your needs. This is assuming that there is no other support required for this for the rest of the year. If a minimum of 25 hours is required over the next 12 months to keep solr up to date, then that is an additional $1875. The total cost of this over the next year even for these basic assumptions for Solr is $10,875. Compare this to SearchBlox which is $5,000 for 1 year including all upgrades and product support. The time to deploy is much faster and the faceted search UI is ready to be customized for your needs through our jQuery plugin or the angularJS faceted search framework.

Contact us and see why SearchBlox offers the most cost effective and fastest faceted search solution when compared to a custom solr installation.