Developers love SearchBlox. Download to see why.

Set up SearchBlox on-premise or on the cloud to crawl data sources and set up search. It’s simple!


SearchBlox is easy to install on Windows, Mac or Linux. Install on VMWare or any cloud.


Set up your data sources and index. On-demand, scheduled and secure crawling options available.


Simple, advanced or faceted search. Customize and brand your search pages.

High Availability Architecture

Scalability FlowThe index replication feature synchronizes search indexes in multiple instances of SearchBlox across multiple physical or virtual machines. The Indexing Server makes the indexes available for replication, and the Search Servers get the search indexes from the Indexing Server. This integrated communication ensures your data is always replicated and fail-safe.

High Performance Engineering

Drawing1SearchBlox is engineered from the ground up to be a 100% Java solution. This enables you to leverage the performance and the scalability of J2EE technologies for your benefit. The SearchBlox architecture consists of several internal sub-systems designed for optimal performance, flexibility and scalability.

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