WordPress Search Plugin

Faceted Search Plugin for WordPress

Easy Installation

Find the SearchBlox plugin right within your WordPress installation and install the plugin to get started.

Install SearchBlox WordPress Plugin

Simple Configuration

      – Setup your SearchBlox Server and enter your SearchBlox Server location and API key within the plugin settings.
      – Create a Custom Collection with the SearchBlox Server to index your WordPress pages and posts.
      – Specify the name of the custom collection to which the WordPress pages and posts will be indexed by the plugin.

Search Page Short code

Use the short code [searchblox_search] to embed faceted search within any page.

Search External Websites

The plugin not only allows your users to search your WordPress site but also any external websites or file system collections setup on the SearchBlox Server. Now one search box can help your users find what they looking for within or outside the WordPress installation.

Search Local Files

WordPress does not allow you to search for files like pdf, word, ppt, excel or outlook email archives. With the SearchBlox Server and the WordPress plugin you can enable search against any information that is indexed within SearchBlox Server including tweets and database/csv records.

Default Search

The plugin lets you use the default search to find your WordPress posts and pages indexed on the SearchBlox server without having to change a line of code or modify your default search box.

Faceted Search

Faceted Search helps your users search and filter down to the right file or url on your website. The short code enables you to use the faceted search results without any modification.

Setup SearchBlox and install the WordPress plugin to get started.

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