SearchBlox Version 8.6.1

Minimum requirement for SearchBlox is 4 CPU Cores with 8GB RAM. Use our installer for Ubuntu and CentOS/RedHat.

Contact Us to get a 30-day evaluation license key.


Download and double-click. Install Windows Service by running C:\SearchBlox Server\services\bat \installService.bat.  Start SearchBlox by running startService.bat.


Install Guide


Download SearchBlox to the /opt folder.
> gzip -d searchblox_unix64.tar.gz
> tar -xvf searchblox_unix64.tar
> cd /opt/searchblox
> ./startSearchBlox


Install Guide

Mac OS X

Download and double-click. SearchBlox requires Java 8. Double-click the startSearchBlox.command in /Applications/ SearchBloxServer folder to start.


Install Guide

Java WAR

Download the searchblox.war file and copy into the webapps folder within any Tomcat server running Java 8.
Deploy to Bitnami Tomcat 8.x or 9.x


Install Guide

Go to http://localhost:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Launch SearchBlox on AWS EC2

Launch the SearchBlox Server AMI on the Amazon EC2 c3.xlarge instance with Port 80 enabled.

US East N. Virginia ami-ee12c3f8
US East Ohio ami-f1a18494
US West Oregon ami-cf9717af
US West N. California ami-7fecb31f
Canada Central ami-317fc255
EU West Ireland ami-50250836
EU Frankfurt ami-ef1cd680
EU London ami-ed293c89
Asia Mumbai ami-00cdbc6f
Asia Seoul ami-f6ed3d98
Asia Singapore ami-c1d362a2
Asia Sydney ami-8b9e9ee8
Asia Tokyo ami-c895ddaf
South America São Paulo ami-7c036510


Go to http://AWSDomainName/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Visit our Documentation site for step-by-step instructions on configuring your collections.

WordPress Plugin

Install and configure the SearchBlox plugin within WordPress.

Drupal Module

Install and configure the SearchBlox module within Drupal. Follow our tutorial to get started.

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