SearchBlox enables full-text search for documents in Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS

Amazon S3 is object storage service from Amazon Web Services. S3 storage has become essential to thousands of companies for storage of documents. Customers can upload and download files into S3 buckets. Unfortunately, the native full-text search is not available on S3. SearchBlox provides the S3 connector in the Collection setup to enable searching of 40+ document formats within S3 buckets. Millions of documents can be indexed through the S3 collection and made searchable for your customers.

With the release of Amazon Elastic File System, AWS’ new network file service (NFS v4.1) there is another option that allows up to thousands of EC2 instances to connect to the same drive concurrently and store/access documents. With Amazon EFS, storage capacity is elastic, growing and shrinking automatically as you add and remove files, so your applications have the storage they need when they need it. You can mount your Amazon EFS file systems on your on-premises datacenter servers when connected to your Amazon VPC with AWS Direct Connect. SearchBlox enables searching of documents within EFS paths using the Filesystem collection and allows you to search and download files as required.

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