Enterprise search that is fast and agile to meet your every need.

Set up SearchBlox and go from the whiteboard to a full-featured, faceted search solution in minutes.

Site Search

Create a collection to crawl your website, add a search box to your website and customize the search results pages to match your brand. Integrate multiple websites with a single search box and provide federated search to find the right information.

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eCommerce Search

Setting up a collection also allows you to search your product catalog available within a database or a CSV/Excel file. Filter on brand names, size, color, pricing and availability, or custom fields. Products can be recommended based on your customers’ shopping patterns.

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Intranet Search

Help intranet users find the information they need from shared drives, databases, wikis, and custom applications. SearchBlox adds federated, faceted search to find this data with a single query. Filters can be organized by date, file type and source type.

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Cloud Search

Adding search to your cloud infrastructure is now easy with the SearchBlox AMI on Amazon Web Services. Just start our AMI to be up and running in a few minutes. The S3 collection lets you search your S3 Buckets, and you can also set up your search in public, private or hybrid clouds.

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SearchBlox provides the simplest API to integrate with your application or website. Create a collection and index your urls or custom data as well as consolidate search results through our XML or JSON output. Add, update or delete search results on the fly.

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Hosted Search

At SearchBlox, we host a fully functional, robust and dedicated search server for $499 per month with no additional bandwidth charges. There’s also no need to install and monitor your search service. Simply sign up, integrate with your application, and leave the rest to us.

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Salesforce Search

Create a faceted search of CRM data within Salesforce, as well as enable the data to be searchable externally. Our Salesforce app lets you index all your CRM data and provides fast, faceted search.

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Big Data Search

Search across terabytes of data that are indexed across multiple data sources. Whether it is indexing a million documents or tens of millions of database records, SearchBlox is blazing fast. As your data grows, add more SearchBlox servers without moving your data.

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eDiscovery Search

Enable faceted search on your documents and Outlook PST archives to help with your eDiscovery requests. Once the documents are identified, you can view emails and attachments, and download all documents in a single zip archive.

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