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Generative AI for Search Increases Findability

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Asking good questions is often touted as a way to advance or get noticed. Whether you are in the classroom, a job interview or an important meeting, the right question can make a difference – there is an art and a science to it.

Our training to ask good questions became even more important as we started to use search engines and terms like “googling” became a part of our daily vernacular. Whether it’s a broad search on Google or a more specific quest on a standalone web site, the questions you ask and the words you use matter.

What if we told you that all of this training to become savvy web searchers is no longer necessary?

Recent artificial intelligence advancements, particularly in Generative AI, are giving consumers the freedom to just ask the question or type in the search terms that come to mind.

In recent months, explosive growth for Generative AI models is helping people find content faster by automatically generating content. And with each advancement, the functionality is taking us to new lengths, coming very close to the abilities of the human brain when it comes to retaining content and memory.

Not only are sites like ChatGPT launching new models and making headlines for their newest capabilities, but companies are exploring how they can leverage this functionality on their own sites.

SearchBlox products make it easy for you to apply these advancements to your search environment.

SearchBlox Software has integrated Generative AI advancements into our intelligent search engine to dramatically increase content findability.

Our SmartFAQs™ use Generative AI to automatically produce text and replace manually written FAQs which are limiting and cumbersome. The product embeds answers within search results by automatically generating questions related to your content. This allows end users to find specific answers, content and documents, faster. And it decreases the workload of content managers.

Our SmartSuggest™ service goes beyond antiquated “autocomplete” technology by offering suggestions based on generated user intents. It helps users get to the information they need, faster with contextual suggestions.

User Query

How to save for retirement

AI-Guided, Context-Based Suggestions

In coming weeks, we will launch a new service, SearchAI SemanticLens™, which will further leverage Generative AI and semantic search capabilities to suggest related content that may fall outside of a user’s query.

The benefits don’t stop with the end user, there is significant upside for the developers and taxonomists that support your site. They no longer have to break everything down and understand the individual elements or make the connections to help users get to their answer. It’s free form – users just ask the question and SearchBlox does the heavy lifting.


Advancements in Generative AI are changing the way companies manage their online content and the way consumers search within it. SearchBlox can help you leverage this technology and keep up with the ever-changing world of AI.

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