Salesforce Search

Search within Salesforce does not need to stop with Salesforce data.

Salesforce does not allow you to search external data or files. We can fix that!


SearchBlox makes it easy to crawl any website, database or file system, and search along with your Salesforce CRM data. Just set up your crawler and continuously index content for search.


SearchBlox’s search results page can be customized to suit your Salesforce user’s profile and ensure they see the right data at the right time. The facets on the page can be customized for your business.


SearchBlox provides the flexibility to create collections based on your unique business needs, like Salesforce contacts data or custom objects from your workflow. Multiple collections can be set up based on your needs.

Fast, Secure Deployment

SearchBlox is fully Web-based and can be installed on-premise or on the cloud, to securely connect with SalesForce data. Your data is securely searched within your private, secure network.

Unified Search

SearchBlox provides unified search of all indexed content, regardless of where they were originally indexed, and offers a federated search experience to your Salesforce users.

Enabling a better Salesforce federated search can help improve your ROI in several business areas. Here’s how:
– Contact center agents can access information faster when it is readily searchable and better targeted.
– Business users toggling between legacy and Salesforce data can see all results in one search, saving valuable time and improving satisfaction.
– Customer support representatives can save Average Handle Time (AHT) on calls when search is relevant, federated and fast.
– Salesforce data can also be made available to your business users without logging into Salesforce, and can be aggregated into external applications for search — again saving time for your business.

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