Enterprise Search Solution Use Cases

Enterprise Search is about making it easy to find information for every user. Already used by a variety of international companies including Harley-Davidson, Telefonica UK and Finning Canada, SearchBlox is fast becoming the first choice for those who need simple yet sophisticated enterprise search tool that is comparable to the Google Search Appliance. With an innovative and mature product, SearchBlox is capable of doing a number of things that will make it invaluable to any organization.

Website Search

Enterprise Search offers simplicity when it comes to conducting a search on a website. Allowing for a customized look and feel to its search results, the software is able to offer features such as:

  • Multilingual support in 37 languages
  • Faceted searching
  • Automatic metadata Indexing

eCommerce Search

SearchBlox is also very useful when it comes to e-commerce search. Having the ability to create facets on product names, pricing, availability and any custom field instantly. SearchBlox can create facets without having to manage a schema or re-indexing of data. With search servers automatically kept in sync without any downtime, it offers many key benefits to both administrators and end-users. Some of the most important ecommerce features include:

  • Number/Pricing search
  • Product name/description search
  • Time/Date based search
  • Mobile search

Intranet Search

Any business knows the importance of its intranet, and SearchBlox again comes through with a variety of features designed to make it easier to search and navigate. Whether it’s adding a custom search to locate information from shared drives and rss feeds or using a federated faceted search so employees can quickly find custom information from a database, SearchBlox is able to design a system to match the needs of any organization. Some features it offers for an intranet include:

  • Featured Results
  • Document highlighting
  • Searchable file servers
  • Database indexing

Trusted by companies worldwide, SearchBlox is a leading enterprise search engine that offers high value at a low cost for businesses to manage their data. With its numerous features and innovative software design, it provides an array of simple solutions to complex issues.