SearchBlox provides a simple way to implement search on your website. Create a HTTP collection to crawl your website and add a search box to your website to help your users find information on your website. Customize the look & feel of the search results pages to match your website for a seamless user experience. Integrate multiple websites with a single search box and provide a faceted search results view to filter and find the right web page or document. …find out more

SearchBlox provides ready to use faceted search results for your product search on your eCommerce site. Whether your product catalog is available within a database table or a csv file, SearchBlox can index the products continuously and make them available for search. SearchBlox provides the ability to create search filters on brands, product attributes like size and color, pricing and availability without managing a configuration file. SearchBlox lets you scale your search service when required without any manual intervention.   …find out more

SearchBlox adds custom search to your intranet to find content from your shared drives, databases, wikis, custom applications and rss feeds. SearchBlox provides an out of the box federated faceted search experience for your employees to quickly find the information they need with a single search query. Facet filters can be organized by date, content type (HTML, PDF, Word etc) and also by any custom fields that are available with the information.   …find out more

SearchBlox helps you implement faceted search for your data within your Salesforce application as well as make the same data searchable outside of the Salesforce application for federated search along with your external data sources. External data sources can also be made available within Salesforce for instant access. Our Salesforce plugin lets you setup continuous indexing of the data without having to re-index or setup any external jobs for indexing.  …find out more

SearchBlox provides a highly distributed indexing and search configuration to allow you to index simultaneously on multiple SearchBlox servers and search across multiple terabytes of data that are synced in near real time. Indexing large volumes of data and searching instantly across them is easy to manage within SearchBlox. Whether it is indexing a million documents or tens of millions of database records, SearchBlox is fast and simple to use. As your data grows, simply add more servers to meet your needs without having to move your data manually.  …find out more

SearchBlox enables concept search and faceted search on your web pages, local filesystem and Outlook e-mail archives to help you discover the right information applicable to your eDiscovery requests. With the ability to search and view e-mail messages and attachments right within your browser, it helps you save valuable time in your eDiscovery efforts. Once the documents are identified through the keyword search, SearchBlox allows you to download the documents in a single zip archive file for review.   …find out more

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