Search and Text Analytics solutions made Simple for you.

SearchBlox can solve your text challenges.

Enterprise Search

SearchBlox provides the most agile and flexible search platform for all your challenges.

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Text Analytics

We can decipher your Text and can help uncover deep insights from the most common format.

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Data Sciences

Build predictive customer analytics models based on your text data from various sources.

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Free Edition

$0 per year
    • Best suited for
      Small Websites, Shared Drives
    • 25,000 Files/URLS
    • 1 Collection
    • X
    • X
    • X

Enterprise Edition

$5,000 per server / year
    • Best suited for
      Websites, Intranet, eCommerce,
      Social Media, File Servers, Cloud Drives
    • UNLIMITED Collections
    • Advanced Security Integration
    • Product Upgrades
    • Support Included

SearchBlox Server

SearchBlox provides a robust and agile search and text analytics platform that can aggregate and search unstructured data from websites, file folders, feeds, cloud storage, email archives, databases, csv and social streams like twitter. The data is available for search and text analysis allowing businesses to gain insights into customers and products.

SearchBlox Services

SearchBlox provides services on the search and text analytics platform to enrich, extract and extrapolate text analytics to build powerful visualizations. SearchBlox drives value to the existing unstructured data in market research, brand marketing and customer engagement. SearchBlox can build business models for the highest value gain from your customer.

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