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Website Search

Implement on-demand website crawling and search capability, track user search queries and analyze results, and customize the look and feel of the results page for a seamless user experience for your customers.

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eCommerce Search

Create a dynamic ecommerce experience with SearchBlox’s ready-to-use faceted search results, dynamic facets on product names, pricing and attributes, and featured results to highlight the right products to the right customers at the right time.

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Intranet Search

With custom search of content from shared drives, repositories, custom applications and rss feeds, SearchBlox’s out-of-the box federated, faceted search experience allows employees to quickly find the information they need.

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Database Search

Indexing large volumes of data and searching instantly across them is easy to manage. With SearchBlox’s highly distributed index and search configuration, data is indexed real-time across multiple servers. As your data grows, simply add more servers to meet your needs.

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Cloud Search

SearchBlox provides ready-to-use enterprise Cloud Search for your website, database, application or blog. Fire up our SearchBlox AMI on AWS or install on any cloud provider. Mount your AWS S3 buckets and index content without any special configuration or mapping.

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Salesforce Search

SearchBlox integrates with Salesforce to provide a federated search experience right within the Salesforce application. The easy-to-install package allows you to search Salesforce records along with website, file system, database or custom content.

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Some of our Customers

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Telefonica UK Limited
McGladrey LLP
Finning Canada

SearchBlox: Multi-Source Enterprise Search Engine

SearchBlox is the most powerful out-of-the box search solution for your Website, Filesystem, Database, CSV, Twitter, Salesforce, WordPress, Drupal, cloud-based and custom generated content. Take a test drive today to find out why customers switch to SearchBlox.
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