Enterprise Search and Text Analytics is simple with SearchBlox.

Website Search

Implement on-demand website crawling and search capability, track user search queries and analyze results, and customize the look and feel of the results page for a seamless user experience for your customers.

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Database Search

Indexing large volumes of data for search is easy. With highly distributed indexing and search configuration, data is indexed real-time across multiple servers. As your data grows, simply add more servers.

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Intranet Search

With custom search of content from shared drives, repositories, custom applications and rss feeds, SearchBlox’s out-of-the box federated, faceted search experience allows employees to quickly find the information they need.

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Cloud Search

SearchBlox provides ready-to-use enterprise Cloud Search for your website, database, application or blog. Start the SearchBlox AMI on Amazon Web Services or install on a cloud provider like Digital Ocean.

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eCommerce Search

Create a experience with SearchBlox’s ready-to-use faceted search results, dynamic filters on product names, pricing and attributes, and featured results to highlight the right products to the right customers at the right time.

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Salesforce Search

SearchBlox integrates with Salesforce to provide federated search right within the Salesforce application. The easy-to-install app allows you to search Salesforce data along with website, file system or custom content.

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Some of our Customers

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Telefonica UK Limited
McGladrey LLP
Finning Canada
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