SearchBlox Version 8.3.1

To download SearchBlox, the minimum server requirements include a 4 Core CPU and 8GB RAM. Ubuntu and CentOS/RedHat require OpenJDK installed and set as default.


Download and double-click. Install Windows Service by running C:\SearchBlox Server\services\bat \installService.bat.  Start SearchBlox by running startService.bat.


Install Guide


Download SearchBlox to the /opt folder.
> gzip -d searchblox_unix64.tar.gz
> tar -xvf searchblox_unix64.tar
> cd /opt/searchblox
> ./startSearchBlox


Install Guide

Mac OS X

Download and double-click. SearchBlox requires Java 8. Double-click the startSearchBlox.command in /Applications/ SearchBloxServer folder to start.


Install Guide

Java WAR

Download the searchblox.war file and drop into the webapps folder on any Apache Tomcat installation.


Install Guide

Go to http://localhost:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

VMWare SearchBlox Image
Import the SearchBlox Server VMWare image.


SearchBlox Docker Image

Run SearchBlox within Docker containers.

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SearchBlox Rackspace Cloud Image

Run SearchBlox Server on Rackspace.

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DigitalOcean SearchBlox Image

Get SearchBlox Server running on Digital Ocean.

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Go to http://localhost/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Launch SearchBlox on AWS EC2

Launch the SearchBlox Server AMI on the Amazon EC2 c3.xlarge instance with Port 80 enabled.

US East N. Virginiaami-1c2d6d76
US West Oregonami-a1e9fac0
US West N. Californiaami-b4bbd2d4
EU West Irelandami-9259fde1
EU Frankfurtami-8d746de1
Asia Seoulami-e2c00e8c
Asia Singaporeami-665e9f05
Asia Sydneyami-5d6f2767
Asia Tokyoami-956448fb
South America São Pauloami-75b93c19


Go to http://AWSDomainName/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to get started with SearchBlox.

Default username: admin | password: admin

Once SearchBlox is started, go to the SearchBlox Wiki  for step-by-step instructions on configuring your collections.

WordPress Plugin

Install and configure the SearchBlox plugin within WordPress.

Drupal Module

Install and configure the SearchBlox module within Drupal. Follow our tutorial to get started.

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