Key Benefits

Index Terabytes of Data

SearchBlox is designed to produce fast searches even with large volumes of data. SearchBlox is built using Java and as a result, the same software works seamlessly on 32-bit and 64-bit servers and a multitude of operating systems. With a choice of both on-premise and cloud deployment options, SearchBlox offers flexibility in choosing a deployment platform best suited for the volume of data to be indexed.

Concept Search

Concept search allows users to specify a concept and documents that describe that concept to be returned as the search results. It is a technique to identify potentially relevant documents when a set of keywords are not known in advance. SearchBlox uses text clustering, which is a technology that analyzes a document collection and organizes the documents into clusters. SearchBlox automatically organizes theses clusters into folders, which contain documents that are similar to each other based on words contained within it (such as noun phrases).

Advanced Keyword Search

SearchBlox provides extensive support for keyword searches. It supports Boolean, Fuzzy, Phrase, Fielded, Grouped, Range, Proximity, Wildcard and Metadata searches. In addition, it supports language based stopwords to reduce “noise” in search results.

Document De-duping

SearchBlox de-dupes documents during indexing so that only one copy of a document is indexed, even when the files are named differently. This ensures that duplicate search results are eliminated, even when multiple copies of the same document are encountered during the crawling process.

PST Indexing

High speed indexing of emails and attachments contained in Outlook PST files. No requirement for Outlook or any other software for PST indexing.


SearchBlox provides an API for integration with other systems such as Workflow applications, Case Management Systems and eDiscovery systems. The API allows returns searches as XML data that enable other applications to build sophisticated search applications using SearchBlox.

Multilingual Stemming

Stemming is method for matching word variations. SearchBlox provides out-of-the-box stemming support for content in 37 languages and the option to enable/disable stemming on an individual document collection basis.

Email Viewer and PDF Export

View the full email message within the browser and export to PDF for sharing with your corporate and legal teams.

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