Intranet Search – Features & Benefits

Searchable Fileservers

– SearchBlox enables fully searchable fileservers so users can access hard-to-find files quickly and easily.
– Schedule fileserver crawl on a regular basis so that new or modified files become searchable.
– Files are automatically displayed in the user’s browser when the search result is clicked.

Document De-duping

– Eliminate duplicate search results with SearchBlox’s de-duping feature.
– Even if documents are named differently, only one copy is indexed.

Organizational Flexibility

Separate search indexes called Collections can be established for different departments and can also be combined to create a global search within your organization.

Fast Enterprise Deployment

Deploy SearchBlox to a large number of users very quickly — users only need a web browser for access, eliminating the need for time-consuming installation of desktop software.

Federated Search

– SearchBlox provides a federated search of all indexed content, regardless of source.
– Index public websites, protected websites, databases, blogs or RSS news feeds.

Document Highlighting

SearchBlox automatically highlights the user’s search query terms in HTML and PDF documents.

Indexing API

– SearchBlox provides an indexing API for integration with other systems such as Workflow applications and Case Management Systems.
– Index documents with new enriched metadata, and override existing metadata.
– With the use of the API, SearchBlox can be used to build real-time search applications.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Index and search all content stored on Microsoft SharePoint using SearchBlox.

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