Website Search – Features & Benefits

Flexible Crawling

SearchBlox allows crawling of both public and protected website content, and supports Basic HTTP and Form-Based Authentication. Administrators can specify indexed and excluded content during the crawling process. Both full crawling (indexing all pages) and incremental crawling (only indexing the pages that have changed) is supported, and can be scheduled.

Search Results UI Customization

– Extensive customization options for your search results display.
– Output of search results in XML or JSON format provides you with total creative control.
– SearchBlox comes with ready to use simple, advanced and faceted search results pages.

Fast + Advanced Searches

– A single instance of SearchBlox can handle searches from thousands of users with sub-second search response times and can handle millions of users.
– You can easily enable advanced search features such as search results highlighting, display of content snippets containing keywords, and spelling suggestions.

Automatic Metadata Indexing

SearchBlox automatically indexes all HTML meta tags during crawling to enable searches using the metadata name tags.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting

Better understand what users are looking for, with weekly, daily and hourly top queries, zero match queries reporting, and detailed analysis of separate query logs.

Multilingual Support

– SearchBlox supports indexing of your content in 37 languages. Index content on multilingual sites into a separate index, and power search for that language version of the website.
– Global searches across indexes containing content in different languages is also supported.

Featured Results

– Highlights specific webpages based on the search keywords used. Allows for unique headlines, descriptions, and keyword list for featured result page URLs.
– You control when and how many times each featured result is displayed.
– Featured results is delivered as part of the search results and can be customized as required.

Setup a fast faceted search engine for your website.

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