Replace Google Search Appliance (GSA) with a zero downtime, fully-managed enterprise search solution on AWS

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed, reliable, and scalable service of the popular open-source Elasticsearch search and analytics engine. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, you can set up and configure your Elasticsearch cluster in minutes from the AWS Management Console.

But the Amazon Elasticsearch Service lacks enterprise search features like web and file system crawlers, automatic indexing of documents like PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, a Web Admin Console to configure and schedule search collections and ready to use, fully customizable search frontends.

Introducing SearchBlox for Amazon Elasticsearch Service. This natively uses the Amazon Elasticsearch Service to store the indexes whilst providing full enterprise search capabilities. With its web based UI and over 75+ connectors to diverse data sources such filesystems, websites and databases, SearchBlox can crawl and index content in over 40 document formats including PDFs, HTML and Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. The ready-to-use Search UIs available in SearchBlox allow users to search the indexed documents with advanced functionality like faceted search and secure search.

Key Benefits:

– Integrated web crawler, file system crawler and connectors for over 75+ datasources
– Index over 40 document formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel
– Ready-to-use, fully customizable search front-ends including faceted search
– Integrate with LDAP for secured enterprise search
– Web-based Admin console to manage collections(indexes), stopwords and synonyms
– Ability to scale index storage without any downtime
– High availability using multiple search servers and data replicated across two AWS availability zones
– Index data from AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System and Amazon RDS
– Setup and configure enterprise search applications on the AWS cloud in minutes

SearchBlox is the leading on-premise replacement solution for the now discontinued Google Search Appliance and Google Site
Search products and has migrated more than 100 customers from Google Search Appliance (GSA) to the SearchBlox Enterprise Search platform. Using SearchBlox with Amazon Elasticsearch Service will appeal to customers looking for highly scalable, fully-managed cloud-based enterprise search solutions.

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