A visualization is worth a thousand search results

Create a visualization from your search results using our new AngularJS database plugin and discover unique insights from your data. The AngularJS plugin integrated the raw/d3js javacsript library to create visualizations on the fly for your analysis, content marketing and infographic needs. After you setup your collections, simply install the plugin and configure the required filters and database columns to display.

Once the data grid is configured you can see the search results in a grid format. This is ideal for data from databases and csv files.

Grid Search Results

Once the search is performed you are now ready to create a visualization from the data within the data grid. Simply click the Create Visualization button to go to the next screen where you can pick the fields and the chart type.


Once you have created your chart, you can download the chart as SVG, PNG or HTML code for your website, report or presentation.

Download Data

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