SearchBlox provides developers with a powerful search platform for developing and deploying search applications, without having in-depth knowledge of Apache Lucene/Solr or Elasticsearch. SearchBlox is a ready to deploy search solution with integrated crawlers and web-based index/collection management. Developers will save considerable time and effort by using SearchBlox compared to building a search application from scratch using Apache Lucene/Solr or Elasticsearch.

High Performance

Drawing1SearchBlox is engineered from ground up to be a 100% Java solution. This enables you to leverage the performance and the scalability of J2EE technologies for your benefit. The SearchBlox architecture consists of several internal sub-systems designed for optimal performance, flexibility and scalability.


haThe index replication feature in SearchBlox keeps search indexes in multiple instances of SearchBlox across multiple physical or virtual machines synchronized. The SearchBlox instance that makes the indexes available for replication is called the Indexing Server and the one or more instances of SearchBlox that get the search indexes from the Indexing Server are called the Search Servers. The Indexing Server and the Search Servers communicate with each other to ensure your data is always replicated and fail-safe.

Advanced API

The SearchBlox API provides the ability to crawl, index and search any type of content. It completely hides all the complexities of dealing with the underlying Elasticsearch API. The SearchBlox API simplifies parsing and indexing documents accessible over HTTP or stored in the file system and also allows overriding of document content and/or metadata at index time.

Cloud Deployment

SearchBlox is available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). There is no software or hardware to install. The SearchBlox Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are already configured for use on Amazon EC2. All you need to do is to select the SearchBlox AMI and start the instance.

On-premise Deployment

SearchBlox Server is available for fast deployment on Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X platforms. The SearchBlox Server uses an one step installer for quick and error-free installation. In addition, it is available as a java war file for deployment to Java Application Servers such as Apache Tomcat.

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