SearchBlox 8.6.6 – Relevance Tuning, Featured Results by Collection, OneSource Module for Search Federation

SearchBlox is happy to announce the general availability of 8.6.6 enabling you to connect, extract and analyze unstructured and structured data for enterprise search, data management and text analytics. This new release includes numerous benefits and performance improvements.

Key features of SearchBlox v8.6.6

Relevance Tuning flexibility for search results ranking for multiple enterprise use cases
– Filtering Featured Results by Collection
– User role improvements for multi-user SearchBlox administrative/business access
– API enhancements for Featured Results and Crawler control
OneSource Module for federating external search providers
– Performance improvements

SearchBlox is the leading replacement solution for Google Search Appliance. SearchBlox provides the fastest and most effective replacement solution for the GSA including a fixed cost migration services proposal.

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