Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Go beyond customer analysis and employees actions – to find out how they really feel.

See what SearchBlox’s Sentiment Analysis solution can do for you.

Sentiment Analysis is a useful tool to find out not just what your customers want based on their actions online or their search history, but by processing their words and looking for their opinion on a particular subject or topic. You may know that your customer shops for a particular item on your ecommerce platform, but how do you know how they really feel about your customer service? Sentiment analysis can help you find out.

Direct access to text data from 60+ content sources for in-stream and real-time processing.

Ready-to-see filtered search and visualization of the various sources in a single dashboard view.

See real-time trends within each sentiment of positive, negative and neutral.

Custom training of sentiment scores based on customer and industry domain.

Complete web-based setup and administration for data scientists and business managers.

Set up sentiment analysis for your data.


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