Comparison of SearchBlox Vs Google Mini

SearchBlox is a great solution for website search. A number of our customers have implemented search functionality on public websites using SearchBlox.

GSA to SearchBlox Migration

One of the questions that we are often asked is – how does SearchBlox compare with Google Mini for website search? Here is a detailed comparison of features:

SearchBlox Google Mini
Number of documents supported Unlimited 300,000
Price US$5,000 per server Price per server
50k documents – $2,990
100k documents – $3,990
200k documents – $6,990
300k documents – $9,990
Support Included in the license cost 2 years of support included in appliance price.
Requires purchase of new appliance after 2 years
Open standards Yes. Based on Apache Lucene. No
Search Results
Relevance ranking Yes Yes
Sort by date Yes Yes
Sort by alphabetical order Yes. On document title. No
Sort Order Ascending or descending
for date, relevance and alphabetical sort
Ascending or descending for date sort
Query terms highlighted Yes Yes
Dynamic summaries Yes Yes
Highlighting PDF hits Yes No
Promote specific pages in search results Yes Yes
Crawl third party websites Yes No
Index multiple files types including HTML, PDF and Office Yes Yes
Languages suported 37 28
Filter by file types, meta tags, websites Yes Yes
Crawl password protected content Yes Yes
Form-based authentication Yes No
Duplicate removal Yes No
Proxy server support Yes Yes
Web-based Admin Console Yes Yes
Remote management Yes Yes
Multiple Collections Yes Yes
Add/Delete/Update specific URLs in real-time Yes No
Search results XSLT customization Yes Yes
Web based reports Yes Yes
Full replication/mirroring Yes No
XML Search results output Yes Yes
Indexing API Yes No
Search Queries
Spelling Suggestions Yes Yes
Stemming Yes No
Enable/disable stemming Yes No
Customize stopwords Yes No
Wildcards support Yes No
Concept Search (Clustering) Yes No
Search across collections Yes Yes
Advanced search Yes Yes