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Four Trends Changing Enterprise Search in 2021

Four Trends Changing Enterprise Search in 2021

Four Trends Changing Enterprise Search in 2021 2500 1668 SearchBlox

The sources of rich, decision-influencing information are everywhere yet it’s increasingly difficult to connect the dots. Too much data is left in silos and it’s holding organizations back.

In a highly competitive world, where technology has lowered barriers to entry and “challengers” seem to crop up around every corner, large enterprises who want an edge need to leverage their data like never before.

A key shift: understanding what modern “search” is and what it can do to support the connected enterprise. Here are four trends impacting enterprise search that will give your business the edge it needs to make faster and better decisions.

1. TREND | More data than ever, and it’s harder to find

Data managers have more content to deal with than ever before. It grows daily as team members develop new presentations, podcasts, reports, Slack messages, and field customer support calls. Still, most of it remains hidden from enterprise search engines because it wasn’t created with “findability” in mind. Companies that can harness the power of all that unstructured data will have a sustainable competitive advantage.

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2. TREND | Controlling the world with our voice

Consumers are getting comfortable speaking into their smart devices, especially when searching for information. From improving accessibility for aging consumers (with plenty of spending power) to creating more engaging customer experiences, companies that are prepared for the “voice search revolution” will come out ahead.

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3. TREND | Data security breaches on the rise, in frequency and severity

2020 saw a doubling of ransomware attacks and a 141% increase in the number of records compromised over 2019(*). By all measures, these trends are predicted to persist, wreaking havoc on companies and the consumers that trust these organizations to keep their data secure. Selecting tools and partners with security at the core fortifies your IT infrastructure to stay a step ahead of attackers.

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4. TREND | Digital Transformation Initiatives Accelerate Across Industries

Gartner reports that seven out of 10 boards have accelerated digital business initiatives in the wake of COVID-19 disruption(*). Sending knowledge workers and others home to work in droves was a major stress test (with often lackluster results). Even more powerfully, the dramatic disruption opened up eyes to new opportunities. Now, leadership teams are anxious to take advantage of leaner, more connected versions of their business. To make it possible, knowledge managers and executives need easy access to actionable insights so they can make better decisions quickly.

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The digital landscape will continue to evolve and with it, present new threats and opportunities. Organizations looking for a sustainable competitive advantage must break down knowledge silos, easily mine for data, and extract meaningful insights to make better decisions, faster. The best enterprise search tools transform your data so you can respond to business trends and stay ahead of the competition.

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