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    Optimize your business for voice assistant.

    Add Enterprise Voice Search to Your Website

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    Reduce customer support costs while improving the customer experience with SearchAI Answers.

    According to Tech Crunch, smart speakers had a record year in 2019. Sales reached almost $150M, up 70% from 2018. So if you don’t already offer a voice chatbot for your website, it’s time to reconsider. After all, voice offers a number of business advantages:

    1. Greater reach. Not only do more people own smart speakers, but the people who own them own more of them In fact, according to NPR’s 2020 Smart Audio Report, 29% of smart speaker owners now own three or more of the devices. So you can reach potential customers in the kitchen, the living room and their bedroom, providing on-demand service.
    2. Improved CX. Voice chatbots provide instant answers 24/7. Users love the convenience and efficiency of multitasking: paying a credit card bill while making dinner, getting the weather forecast while changing a diaper, listening to the news while opening the mail.
    3. Reduced customer support costs. Smart speaker owners talk to their devices as though they’re talking to another human. In fact, in 2017 Google found that 41% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say it feels like talking to a friend or another person. And the bot’s limitless ability to answer questions means you can scale support operations at a reduced cost.
    4. Increase sales. Right now, we’re only seeing the tip of the eCommerce iceberg for voice chatbots. But UK-based Juniper Research predicts that voice commerce will exceed $80B per year by 2023.
    5. Optimize for search. Experts widely quote a stat from Comscore, a data and analytics company, that predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice search in 2020. If you haven’t optimized for voice SEO yet, what are you waiting for?

    How to Add a Voice Chatbot to Your Website

    Smart speakers are essentially chatbots with a voice recognition system that can handle complex interactions, including fetching and delivering a single, authoritative answer to users’ questions. Getting started isn’t as hard as it sounds. In fact, with our products, it’s just a three-step process:

    1. Add Search AI Answers to your site. This SearchBlox product uses artificial intelligence to understand natural language queries then provides a natural language answer using a model we create with your content.
    2. Build a custom workflow or skill for the voice assistant you want to support: Alexa or Google Home.
    3. Integrate SearchAI Answers API Endpoint as the answer source for questions.

    Watch this short video to see how quickly and easily Alexa helps a customer troubleshoot a website issue.

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