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Chatbots and the User Experience

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Chatbots and the User Experience

A conversation about conversational interfaces.

Q: What is a chatbot?

A: A chatbot is software powered by artificial intelligence that allows users to interact with content through a conversational interface.

Chatbots answer natural language queries with natural language answers. In addition to answering questions, some chatbots provide a link to the page where the answer came from and offer more context.

Tip: Chatbots can respond to natural language questions in search, via chat or voice. (SearchAI Answers, our chat product, does all three.)

Q: How does a chatbot improve the user experience?

A: Chatbots improve the user experience in a number of ways:

Tip: Avoid chatbots that can’t learn from unstructured text. They require a lot of effort to maintain. (SearchAI Answers can learn from unstructured text.)

Q: How can I add a chatbot to my website?

A: We offer a simple, three-step process so you can get started with SearchAI Answers sooner.

  • Step 1: We work with you to identify customer support tasks we can automate. This is the kind of information that usually ends up buried on your FAQ page or hidden in the fine print.
  • Step 2: We prepare responses to your customers’ top questions and support requests using your website content and other documents you provide.
  • Step 3: We deploy SearchAI Answers. The whole process takes a week or less.

Tip: Look for a low-maintenance product. SearchAI Answers doesn’t require any manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy or knowledge graphs.

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