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Three Problems That Intelligent Search Solves for You

Three Problems That Intelligent Search Solves for You

Three Problems That Intelligent Search Solves for You 1500 844 SearchBlox

If you’re still thinking about enterprise search in terms of keywords, filters, and featured results, your organization risks falling behind. Here’s what’s possible now with SearchBlox.

In every industry, the amount of data produced and managed continues to grow. The ability to mine that data for insights and then act on them are hallmarks of today’s most competitive organizations. With 83% of CEOs reporting that they want their teams equipped to make better, data-driven decisions, it makes sense to invest in tools that make your content findable, easy to manage, and easy to act upon.

In addition to enterprise search tools, our customers are taking advantage of new benefits that eliminate manual processes that are unique to their organization. Here are three ways customers are using built-in AI and NLP automation tools to eliminate manual tasks and make decision-making easier:

Use Case #1

A Knowledge Manager at a large consulting company with over 5000 employees is building a unified search access for the multiple knowledge bases and document stores in use within the organization. A large proportion of the documents available for search are PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents used by the business. However, as these documents do not have meaningful titles or descriptions, searches do not bring back the right results leading to frustration among its users.

The AI-Driven Solution

SearchBlox addresses this problem by using PreText™ NLP during the search collection setup. As part of the crawling process, SearchBlox uses PreText™ NLP to generate new titles and descriptions for documents using AI/ML. With the new titles and descriptions, the most relevant documents are easier to find.

PreText™ NLP Support

Use Case #2

A Compliance Manager, within a large healthcare company is responsible for tracking changes to documents published regularly on various public websites for updating internal applications with any new or modified information. Some of these documents or data are greater than 100 Mb in size with over 100,000 rows of information. A dedicated team of five is responsible for manually reviewing these documents and updating the internal systems. The current process is time consuming, labor intensive and prone to human errors.

The AI-Driven Solution

To solve this use case and automate the tasks, SearchBlox offers a module called Watcher. SearchBlox Watcher monitors data sources including external websites for any changes and sends out an email alert when the information changes. Watcher not only notifies that the information has changed, it also highlights the exact changes in the document compared to the previous version of the document, helping users to quickly pinpoint changes accurately and update their internal systems.

SearchBlox Watcher Graphic

Use Case #3

An electronics manufacturer has seven different search boxes between their ecommerce store, knowledge base, FAQs, discussion forums, product support, YouTube channel and corporate website. For the users looking for information in different areas, it’s a truly frustrating digital experience.

The AI-Driven Solution

SearchBlox offers ready-to-use connectors to index information from over 300 different data sources and applications and deliver it to a single search box capable of federated search (search across the different data sources and combine all various search results into one set). As federated search involves different kinds of content (for example, FAQ versus website), relevance ranking the search results is quite a challenge. In SearchBlox, using pre-created or custom relevance tuning templates for the various data sources, end users experience a unified search experience where the relevance of results from each data source can be adjusted independently. A single search provides a personalized and unified set of information for the customer.

SearchBlox Data Indexing


Organizations that want to transform their digital experiences need to empower users by providing the right information quickly. SearchBlox Enterprise Search along with PreText NLP can help transform your organization by doing just that.

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